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About our Locum Service

My Pharmacy Jobs operates a locum service country wide. We have a number of clients who we have great relationships with and can offer pharmacists and pharmacy support staff quality locum work according to their requirements.

We can offer a variety of locum work from normal adhoc bookings, emergency bookings to regular bookings and block bookings.

Our processes and systems allow us to offer a fast, efficient and reliable service to both locums and clients.

Why locums use our Services?

My Pharmacy Jobs understands the benefits and drawbacks of the locum market. This is why we have tailored our services to be as transparent as possible and give you the full 360 view of locum work available.

So if you are looking to locum full time, locum in your free time or during your holidays or on the weekends, we can help you find suitable opportunities offering you variety and choice to suit your preferences.

We Will:

  • Listen to and understand your exact requirements and preferences and present you with the most suitable locum assignments that are:
  • Within your daily commute (unless you like block bookings)
  • Suitable to your experience and accreditations you provide.
  • Suitable to your store preferences (quiet, busy etc)
  • Provide you with as much information about the locum booking in advance.
  • Confirm all bookings and include all booking details
  • Be open and honest and offer strategic advice best suited to your circumstances
  • Signpost you to service providers such as Professional Indemnity Insurance, accountants, accreditations providers (e.g. Local PCTs, MURs).
  • Arrange drop in sessions for you to learn new systems and get an initial feel for a company that you have not provided locum services to previously.
  • Always get back to you and keep you in the loop even if we cannot help at that time.

We will NOT:

  • Present unsuitable opportunities to you
  • Promise something we cannot deliver

Why Companies Use Our Services?

We know only too well that utilising quality locums to provide locum services ensures you keep trading, while providing continuity of services offered, dispensary functions and suitable experience and skills that are required for your particular store dynamic.

We Will:

Listen to and understand your exact requirements and preferences and present you with the most suitable locums that are:

  • Locally based
  • Experienced
  • Accredited
  • Competitively priced
  • Can handle the daily script and addict volumes and information about dispensary support
  • Provide the continuity required and are easy to work with
  • Provide an outsourcing platform to handle all your locum requirements in a professional capacity utilising best practice.
  • Always get back to you and keep you in the loop. Even if we cannot help you at the time.

We will NOT:

  • Supply poor performing locums or locums who are not prepared to provide the continuity required.
  • Use agency tricks or tactics to secure bookings or hike up rates and fees.
  • Over Promise and under deliver.

Newly / Recently Qualifieds

If you are a newly qualified pharmacist or have limited experience, we can help you find locum positions suitable to your level of experience skill set and capacity.

The positions will allow you to learn the different systems, gain experience providing locum services with different companies.